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Studio: 10.1m x 6m - Cove: 5.6m x 5m

Our 648 sq ft Infinity Cove Studio is flooded with natural daylight and suitable for recording audio, perfectly located in the heart of London. Paired with our in-house lighting this fully equipped film and photography studio can help you eliminate background shadows and capture clean content.

Infinity Cove Studio Dimensions

Studio size
Length: 10.1m / 33.1 ft
Width: 6m / 19.6 ft
Height: 3m / 9.8 ft

Cove size
Length 5.6m / 18.3 ft
Width 5m / 16.4 ft
Height: 3m / 9.8 ft

Total studio size
60.6 sqm / 648.8 sqft

Infinity Cove Studio London Specifications

Levelled floor
Double door access
Natural daylight with blackout blinds
Air Conditioning

Custom Colorama on request 
Dedicated hair & makeup station
Fibre optic wi-fi available
Clothes rail
Single phase 32 amp power supply

Infinity Cove Studio London Hire Rates

Booking Length
Professional Full Day 8am-8pm (12 hours)
Standard Full Day 9am-5pm (8 hours)
Standard Half Day (4 hours)
Flexi Booking (2 hours)
Unarranged Overtime (Per Hour)
Arranged Overtime (Per Hour)
Infinity Daylight Cove.png

Book now!

Average response time under 20 mins

  • What Is An Infinity Cove Studio?
    An Infinity Cove is also known as an infinity wall, curve or cyclorama. It’s designed as a cornerless, blank space with a floor-to-ceiling curve that creates the illusion of an infinite void. Infinity Cove Studios help photographers and videographers capture images or videos of subjects without any distractions in the background. With close to a 5 star rating, WN Studios offers one of the best Infinity Cove Studios in London and can be used for product photography, fashion shoots, music videos and more.
  • How Big Is Your Infinity Cove Studio?
    Our Infinity Cove Studio is 60.6 sqm / 648.8 sqft in size. The studio is 10.1m by 6m and the cove is 5.6m x 5m.
  • Why Should Photographers Choose A Studio With An Infinity Cove?
    Photographers should choose a studio with an Infinity Cove for several reasons: It’s the perfect backdrop. Our studio contains a clean, seamless background. The smooth and continuous surface of an Infinity Cove eliminates visible lines and seams. The result is a clean background for your subject. Take control of lighting. Lighting is key to good photography, and Infinity Coves allow photographers to control lighting by creating a variety of different moods and atmospheres. Our studio is flooded with natural daylight, and also allows you to shoot from different angles to achieve unique effects. It’s versatile. Our Infinity Cove can be used for a wide range of photography, from product to fashion shoot. Cost Effective. Our Infinity Cove Studio in London eliminates the need for an expensive and time consuming setup. Achieve consistent results. Our Infinity Cove provides photographers with a professional shooting space that delivers exceptional results - but if you’re looking for a different type of world-class studio then explore our Blackout and Green Screen Studios.
  • Why Should Film Makers Choose A Studio With An Infinity Cove?
    Filmmakers and videographers should choose a studio with an Infinity Cove for very similar reasons to photographers. As well as all of the reasons above, by choosing our Infinity Cove Studio you’ll find that post production is effortless. The smooth, seamless backdrop of an infinity cove is conducive to effortless post-production. You’ll save time with an efficient and effective post-production process. Our Infinity Cove Studio offers exceptional benefits for filmmakers as it helps them create a visually engaging production that meets their vision - from interviews, to music videos to shooting ads.





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